How to make coffee in an Italian or moka pot | Learn easy and step by step

Are you eager to learn how to make coffee in an Italian coffee maker? Don’t worry; on this website, we will guide you through the process step by step to ensure you have no doubts.

The Italian coffee maker, also known as moka, is a classic in households due to its simplicity and speed, allowing us to prepare coffee effortlessly.

Furthermore, its price is a significant factor; since it lacks “technology” or “internal machinery,” these coffee makers are usually very economical.

An example of this is the classic Bialetti, which, for only 35 euros, ensures us a product of extremely high quality that will last for many years.

What do I need to make coffee in an Italian coffee maker?

Don’t expect to find a very long list, as you simply need to have the Italian coffee maker or moka (obviously), water, and ground coffee.

If you’re unsure about which grind to use, we’ve created a post on this website about it (types of grinds and which one to use in each coffee maker).

Anyway, not to make you go to that post just for that, I’ll tell you that the best grind for the moka coffee maker is a medium grind.

As it needs to be in constant contact with the coffee, the sandy texture of the medium grind is the best for extracting the maximum aroma.

If you don’t have this type of coffee at home, you could use a fine grind (avoid the coarse one) but make sure it’s not too fine, as the coffee would turn out bitter.

How to make coffee in an Italian coffee maker step by step

Once we have water, ground coffee, and the coffee maker, let’s start preparing this drink; you’ll see how it’s very quick and easy.

The first step is to unscrew the base and fill it with water just below the safety valve.

The measurement in any Italian coffee maker for water is that; we must stop just before it makes contact with the valve.

The second step is to place the filter back and fill it with coffee.

Like with water, the measurement is always the same, filling the filter to the maximum.

It should not be compacted or pressed; simply, with a spoon or similar, we’ll “spread it” so that it remains even and ready.

Note We’ve talked about it many times, but I’ll repeat it. If the coffee maker is for 6 cups and you want to make 4, you must make all 6 anyway.

Italian or moka coffee makers are designed to be filled for each use; if you try to modify the amounts of coffee or water, it won’t turn out well.

The third step is to close the coffee maker, that is, screw the top onto the bottom.

It’s not difficult or anything to explain (it’s just screwing, haha), but as information, I’ll tell you not to use the handle to tighten it or similar as it can break.

Finally, we’ll place it on the heat, and the coffee will begin to prepare. When we hear the characteristic “fiuuuu” of this type of coffee maker, it’s time to turn it off and serve our coffee.

As you can see, preparing coffee in an Italian coffee maker is very simple. I hope it has helped you.

Video: How to Make Coffee in an Italian Coffee Maker

Video: How to Make Coffee in an Italian Coffee Maker

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