How to clean the Cecotec Cumbia Cremmaet super-automatic coffee maker and how often to do it

We have already seen the analysis of the Cecotec Cumbia Cremmaet super-automatic coffee maker, how to use it and now we will focus on daily maintenance tasks and cleaning.

Many times we do not pay attention to this aspect and when we see that it quickly gets stuck or stops preparing the coffees as it did at the beginning, we get scared.

Any coffee maker requires daily maintenance if we use it, whether it is a moka pot or an espresso maker.

In the case of super-automatic coffee makers, this maintenance and cleaning goes one step further because they are more complex machines.

The Cecotec Cumbia Cremmaet was not going to be less, since despite what we have to do being simple, it is advisable not to forget.

In this post I will explain everything that should be done and what aspects to pay more attention to since they are “vital.”

Let’s not confuse this maintenance to always have it ready with descaling (which we will talk about in another post).

In-depth analysis and opinions of the Cecotec Cumbia Cremmaet super-automatic coffee maker

Clean the processing unit

Cecotec Super automatic coffee maker Cumbia Cremmaet

We must clean the unit every 3 days if we regularly prepare coffee.

If, for example, you have every other day, or just one coffee a day, you can extend it to once a week.

It is an important part and we must always have it in optimal conditions both so that the coffee comes out with the flavor and aroma it should and to avoid jams and then the fault light goes on.

I’ll show you where it is:

Cecotec cumbia cremmaet processing unit

In this scheme, the cecotec cumbia cremmaet processing unit is number 10.

Removing it is very simple, we simply remove the side cover and we can access and remove it without any problem.

Cleaning it is very simple, we simply have to remove the coffee remains inside and wash it under the tap until we see that it no longer has any dirt.

The only thing we must be careful with is not to pour water or wash the bottom part, where you will notice that there is oil.

If we pour water on it or drag it with a paper or cloth, the only thing we will do is remove the lubrication and have to give it oil again in the future.

Clean the vaporizer of the Cecotec Cumbia Cremmaet

In the post on how to use the Cecotec coffee maker we have talked about this and explained how to do it correctly.

The vaporizer of the Cecotec Cumbia Cremmaet super-automatic coffee maker must ALWAYS be cleaned AFTER USE.

This is not like the processing unit that we saw in the previous point where it must always be cleaned every 3 days or every week if we use it little, but rather it must be daily or even more if we use it but it may not need cleaning at all. weeks.

Therefore, after using the coffee maker’s vaporizer, we must do the same process but with water, to remove any remaining milk residue.

You must do it, otherwise after a few days you will see how the frother begins to accumulate layers of dry milk and in addition to impairing use, it is quite disgusting, haha.

Cecotec Cumbia Cremmaet super-automatic coffee machine

How often to clean the drip tray and waste tank

Your Cecotec Cumbia Cremmaet will notify you if it is before the time I am going to tell you (if you use it a lot).

But it is advisable to remove both the grounds and the drip tray once every two days.

It wouldn’t hurt to wait for the warning light to come on, but personally I would do it every other day.

This helps you keep your coffee maker cleaner and eliminates odors from the grounds and so on.

It’s done very quickly, in about a minute you have everything emptied, cleaned and placed again.

Clean Cecotec Cumbia Cremmaet water tank

Cecotec recommends cleaning the tank every two days.

I really don’t agree at all, yes, they should give a recommended “time”.

But I honestly think that after each use you should rinse the water tank.

Once it is empty and you are going to fill it, it doesn’t cost anything to put it under the tap and give it a quick rinse, that way you ensure that all the coffees will be prepared with perfectly clean water (it doesn’t help if you use bottled water so as not to damage the machine or the taste but then the tank is dirty).

Cecotec Cumbia Cremmaet super-automatic coffee machine

Clean the coffee bean container of the Cecotec Cumbia Cremmaet

Do you want to know how often to clean the coffee bean container in the Cecotec Cumbia Cremmaet? Well, Cecotec recommends doing it weekly.

Here my opinion is exactly the same as before, a week is a good date but I would do it as soon as it is empty.

That every week you empty a grain tank? Perfect, weekly would be a good date for you.

That every week you empty TWO deposits? I would clean it twice a week.

Keep in mind that the coffee beans, being accumulated in the tank of the Cecotec Cumbia Cremmaet, are leaving oils and more all over the container. If we do not clean it, it only serves to accumulate and over time deteriorate the grinding of our machine.

In addition, cleaning the tank is very simple, when it is empty we simply wipe it with a dry cloth to remove all the oil and that’s it.

Of course, after several cleanings or if you see that there is already a lot of oil, it is recommended that you use a grinder cleaning product like the following:

Urnex Grindz - Limpiador para molinos de café (granulado, 430 g)
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This would be added after wiping off the oil with the cloth. We would use it to prepare an espresso and when grinding this product it removes any remains that may remain on the grinder blades.

I insist, it is not necessary to do it every time, but rather every few tank cleanings, when we see that it already has a lot of oil accumulated even if we wipe it with a dry cloth.

Ready, as you can see the points of our Cecotec Cumbia Cremmaet super-automatic coffee maker are different.

Even so, it is simple, let’s say that our attention has to go to the two tanks and the drip tray (also in the vaporizer if we use it.

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