Whiteout Survival new migration event and what it is like

In this post we will talk about the long-awaited migration event in the Witheout Survival game. We will finally be able to move between servers after more than a year demanding this function.

Players of the mobile game Witheout Survival are in luck, and after a long time asking to be able to transfer their city between servers it will be possible to do so.

In city management games (most of them are really cut from the same cloth), an essential function is being able to move between servers or even merging them, since

Over time, there is a large dropout of active users on each server.

Obviously that was not going to be different in Witheout Survival, where they do nothing but open servers, currently there are more than 500.

We found these new servers very active with a lot of people playing and they are the complete opposite of the old ones such as 8, where there is the dog and a flute.

What is the “Migration” event in Witheout Survival?

As we have seen in the introduction of this post, the migration event is basically being able to move servers.

This event will take place for the FIRST TIME in January 2024, later becoming a recurring event.

We do not know what the frequency will be, but it is estimated that it will be between 1 or 3 months.

Can I move freely between servers?

Whiteout Survival new migration event and what it is like

No, the Witheout Survival team has done it right and you will not be able to move freely between servers.

On the one hand, only those selected on a list will have this option, on the other, a power limit.

As far as the first point is concerned, only servers with a certain age will have the option to accept new players available.

This is done to protect new servers from abuse by larger, more experienced accounts.

Witheout Survival servers that CANNOT accept players or move themselves in this migration event will have that option available in subsequent appearances.

On the other hand, each city will have a maximum power limit to accept players, they have not yet explained very well how it works.

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Minimum and maximum power to migrate servers in Witheout Survival

Well, to link to the last paragraph of the previous point where I talk about maximum power, I will try to explain it here with the data I have been able to obtain (although as I said, they do not detail it much yet).

Apparently each president will be able to choose a MAXIMUM power to accept players in said world, what he seeks is to ensure that the balance is not broken.

For example, if on your server the largest ones have 200 million power, then prevent 5 of 400 million from coming and destroying everything.

If you are regular players of Witheout Survival you will know very well what I am talking about, a player much stronger than the rest can break up entire alliances, imagine if there are 5 of them wanting to dance.

This does not mean that if they set the limit at 200 million, no one under 300 can go, yes they can, but at the invitation of the president.

With this function the whiteout team seeks to improve the activity on each server without “destroying” it forever, allowing them to get stronger but knowing who they put in the house.

Phases of the «Migration» event

Whiteout Survival new migration event and what it is like

The migration event in Witheout Survival will consist of 3 phases: Pre-phase, Phase 2 and Phase 3.

In the previous phase is where what we saw previously will be done. This is where the president will set the maximum amount of power that he will accept on his server while the other players can go “searching for destiny.”

It will be time to see what servers you can go to, what players are there, what the competition is and so on.

In phase II or the invitation phase, the president will be able to invite players from other servers to join his.

It is a short phase, two days. It will serve to bring in the “top” players with whom their incorporation has been previously negotiated.

Finally, Phase III is the “free movement” phase where we will be able to move without any invitation.

The only limit to changing servers in this phase will be the “maximum power” that we saw previously and the travel tickets.

These tickets can be purchased with money (like everything in this game) or in the alliance store for 150,000 coins.

Well, that’s all, I hope it has been helpful to you and you have been able to understand the Migration event in Witheout Survival a little more.

Game’s Facebook post about the event

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