How to prepare coffee with ground coffee in Philips 5400 series

Although in super-automatic coffee machines, such as the Philips 5400 series, we normally use coffee beans, ground coffee can also be used. Let’s see how to prepare it.

In this post we have talked about how to prepare coffee in the Philips 5400 coffee maker and how to use the LatteGo system.

Therefore, here we will avoid mentioning how to assemble the LatteGo since it would repeat the information that we have already mentioned.

We will focus exclusively on how to prepare coffee with ground coffee in the Philips 5400 series.

The first thing we must do is check that there is water in the tank of our coffee maker, if not, we will fill it up to the “MAX” line.

We will plug in and turn on the machine, it will heat up and do that little rinse cycle that it always does.

We take the opportunity to open the coffee bean container, we will see that in the center there is like a “lid” which we must lift.

That lid will give us access to the ground coffee tank. We must put inside A measuring spoon that is included with our Philips 5400 series.

It is very important to add a spoonful, no more, that’s why I put it in capital letters.

Although it is called a ground coffee tank, it can really store only the amount that is used in a service , if we add more it can get stuck or the coffee is poorly prepared and then it is a hassle to have to clean it.

After adding the spoonful of ground coffee, we close the tank again and place a cup under the coffee spout of our Philips 5400.

Now it no longer has any complications, that is what is “different” from preparing coffee with beans or ground coffee.

We will simply select the type of coffee we want, adjust the parameters if we wish (although it is not necessary, they are well adjusted) and select ground coffee.

It is important to select the ground coffee function, otherwise it will not use it since by default it uses the grinder.

There are two ways to tell the coffee maker that it should use ground coffee . When selecting the intensity, you set it to minimum and the grinding function will appear.

You can also click on the button that is like a gear (you will see that it says “Settings” and there you go down with the arrow until you select “ground coffee.”

We only have the last step left, press the START button and our Philips 5400 will begin to prepare the coffee with the ground coffee that we have introduced inside.

As you can see, preparing coffee with ground coffee in the Philips 5400 coffee maker is very simple. The process simply differs in that we must add the coffee for each service that we are going to make and at the end select the “ground coffee” option so that it uses that instead of the one in the grain tank.

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