How to descale the Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker step by step

Decalcifying our coffee maker is one of the most important maintenance tasks. In this post we will see how to descale the Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker step by step.

As I always do in this type of post, first I will give you the materials necessary for the process, that way you can make sure you have everything on hand before starting.

The manufacturer recommends descaling the Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker every 300 or 400 coffees.

You can also do it if you notice that you are adding less water or the temperature of the drinks has dropped.

What do I need to descale the Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker?

In fact, to descale a coffee maker, you usually always need the same utensils and products.

On the one hand we need clean water, which we will use from the tap; for this task it is not necessary that we use filtered or bottled water.

We will also need a large container, in this case one that has at least about 1 liter capacity to collect all the water.

To finish we need a descaling product. I always recommend the same one for this type of coffee makers (for the super-automatic ones it is another), since it has a good quality-price ratio.

It is not necessary for us to go for very expensive products.

Descale your Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker step by step

This coffee maker does not have an automatic mode to carry out this process. That is really something “negative”, since in the vast majority there is a program that is responsible for carrying out the emptying cycle completely.

The steps to follow are very simple but you must be present during the process.

First we must pour the descaling product into the water tank. If they are the pills that I gave you previously, take one, if it is another product you have to see its instructions to know the amount to use.

As soon as we have the product in the tank, we fill it with water up to the MAX mark and place it in our Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker.

When placing the container in the coffee spout, remember that it must be quite large, at least 1 liter so that you do not have to constantly remove it.

We will make sure that there are NO CAPSULES in the coffee maker and lower the lid.

We turn on the machine and wait for it to warm up, once it is ready to work we press the LUNGO button.

We will have to repeat this process until the water in the tank runs out (which is why it seems ugly to me that it does not have a descaling mode that empties it directly).

Once the water tank has been emptied, we rinse it and fill it with tap water to replace it. We take the opportunity to remove and empty the container that has collected all the mixture and place it back.

We repeat pressing LUNGO until the tank is empty, this will rinse the coffee maker.

To ensure perfect cleaning and that no residue or flavor remains, I recommend doing a second rinse. You know, fill the water tank and empty it again.

Decalcifying the Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker is a very easy task, it will not take us much time but it is true that they should have thought and put a mode that would empty the tank automatically.

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