What is triphasic coffee? Learn how to do it here!

Have you heard of trifasic coffee but don’t know what it is? Don’t worry, we’ll explain it to you and give you the guidelines to do it right.

What is Trifasic Coffee?

Trifasic coffee is a beverage especially typical of Catalonia and Valencia.

It could be defined as a “cortado with liquor,” hence the trifasic, as it is espresso-milk-liquor. Depending on the region and the consumer’s taste, “normal” milk can be replaced with condensed milk.

The liquors usually used are: Irish cream, whiskey, cognac, anise, rum, brandy.

Additionally, as in many other types of coffee, we can adorn it to our liking, for which ground cinnamon is usually used.

It became more famous from 2011 when Etham Chalezquer won the national barista competition held in Zaragoza with a variant of it to which he added jam and piquillo pepper.

What Do You Need to Prepare Trifasic Coffee?

The ingredients for preparing trifasic coffee are straightforward.

You will only need an espresso (which you can prepare in an Italian coffee maker or in a super-automatic for incredible results).

Condensed milk (or alternatively, regular milk, whatever you prefer). The advantage of condensed milk for making trifasic coffee is that it won’t mix with the liquor and visually looks much nicer.

You will need liquor (here, to your taste, although in the previous point, we have seen the most common ones for preparing this type of coffee).

Lastly, and optionally, ground cinnamon if you want to decorate the top later.

How to Make Trifasic Coffee Step by Step

Now that we know the ingredients for making trifasic coffee, let’s get to work.

As a note, the approximate quantities of this drink are 50% espresso, 40% condensed milk, and finally, 10% liquor.

You can modify these amounts as you like.

The first step in making trifasic coffee is to make the espresso. We will do it in a regular cup.

While the espresso is being prepared, in a glass, we will pour the condensed milk.

Usually, it takes up 1/3 of the glass, but it will depend on how sweet you want your trifasic coffee.

Then, we will pour the liquor so that it reaches about halfway up the glass.

Since it’s condensed milk, you’ll see how it doesn’t mix too much, and two distinct layers are formed, which looks very nice.

After having the condensed milk and liquor in the glass, we pour the cup of espresso into it.

Finally, we can decorate it to taste with cinnamon, cocoa, etc.

As you can see, preparing trifasic coffee is straightforward, and you can do it anytime!

I hope the post has been helpful.

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