What can you do with an espresso machine? Let’s look at different options

If you own an espresso machine and are wondering about its versatility, worry not! Beyond the typical espresso, there are various recipes and options to explore with your espresso machine.

Espresso machines remain a favorite among users due to their reasonable price and the ability to prepare a variety of beverages with ease, thanks to the frother that allows for the inclusion of “milk” in the equation.

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Making Iced Coffee with an Espresso Machine

Creating iced coffee with an espresso machine is straightforward. All you need is an espresso cup, a tall glass for the final iced coffee, 120ml of milk, and ice cubes (to taste).

  1. Start by preparing a double espresso (lungo) in the cup (you can add sugar if desired, it’s optional).
  2. While the double espresso is brewing, add ice cubes to the tall glass, filling it approximately halfway.
  3. Pour the espresso over the ice in the glass and then add the milk.

There you have it! As you can see, making iced coffee with your espresso machine is remarkably simple.

Brewing Cappuccino with an Espresso Machine

Making a cappuccino with an espresso machine is very straightforward. You’ll need an espresso cup, 125ml of milk, and optionally, you can add cocoa/cinnamon/sugar.

  1. Froth the milk with the espresso machine frother until it doubles in size, achieving what is known as microfoam.
  2. Once the milk is frothed, prepare an espresso shot (25ml).
  3. Pour the frothed milk over the espresso, and optionally, you can add cocoa or cinnamon for decoration and an extra touch of flavor.

Preparing Americano with an Espresso Machine

Moving on to more recipes for “What can you do with an espresso machine?” we find a classic: the Americano.

Preparing this coffee is straightforward. You’ll need a large cup and a regular one for the espresso (and, as with other recipes, sugar if desired).

  1. To prepare an Americano with an espresso machine, pour hot water with the frother into the large cup. Around 90ml is recommended.
  2. In the small cup, prepare the espresso to then pour it into the large cup.

As you can see, making an Americano with your home espresso machine is very simple.

Crafting Mocha with an Espresso Machine

Another delightful creation with your espresso machine is the mocha.

  1. Start by adding sugar and cocoa or chocolate shavings to a LARGE cup.
  2. Prepare the espresso in that cup.
  3. Once ready, pour 130ml of milk over the espresso and chocolate/cocoa mixture.
  4. Optionally, you can add a bit of whipped cream and freshly grated chocolate on top for decoration and an extra flavor boost.

Brewing Flat White with the Espresso Machine

This recipe is quite similar to cappuccino but with double the amount of coffee. Instead of preparing a regular espresso (25ml), you’ll prepare a lungo (50ml).

  1. Froth 120ml of milk with the frother until it roughly doubles in size.
  2. Next, prepare a double espresso in a large cup, and once ready, pour the frothed milk over it.
  3. Optionally, you can add a bit of freshly grated chocolate on top for an extra flavor boost.

I hope the recipes in this post have provided answers and inspiration for the question, “What can you do with an espresso machine?”

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