Videos and images of the Iceland volcano

Recently the GRINDAVIK volcano has erupted in Iceland, leaving us with amazing photos and videos.

One of the things that these events have is the great difference between good and evil, since on the one hand

It is a terrible event both for the inhabitants of the nearby area since they have to abandon their homes and it completely changes their lifestyle and for the environment, but

On the other hand, it leaves us with some impressive images, as happened a couple of years ago here in Spain with the volcano on La Palma.

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In addition to the volcanic eruption itself, a crack about 3 kilometers long has opened through which lava is currently advancing.

As I mention in the title of the post, I am not looking to give “news” with excess information, since there are enough newspapers covering the news for that,

If not, what I’m looking for is to make a compilation of some of the most impressive photos and videos of this event so that you can see them all together and don’t have to search for them.

This is what I mentioned before, the lava advances along the entire fracture that it has formed in the earth.

The images are really impressive, seeing how it advances little by little without anyone being able to stop it.

From afar we can observe even more the tremendous scope of this volcanic eruption, since sometimes when it is up close we think “bah, it’s just there”, but it can be proven that it is not.

In second 13 of the video that I attach above we can see the exact moment in which the eruption of this volcano in Iceland begins.

More images of this amazing volcanic eruption.

I find this video amazing, and if you click on the tweet it will take you to an account that is dedicated to these issues and in a thread it perfectly explains what happened as well as the reasons that led to this event.

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