Tips for starting the Philips 5400 series

In this post we will give you tips to start any super-automatic coffee machine from the Philips 5400 series range for the first time so that you can enjoy the best coffee.

I have to say that this coffee maker is not very difficult, Philips has done a good job and they are guiding us at all times to be able to configure it in the best possible way.

The first thing we should do after unpacking it is place it on a robust and stable surface , it can be the countertop, a table, etc.

As a second step, we will plug in our Philips 5400 super-automatic coffee maker and we will also fill its water tank up to the MAX line.

After that we will press the power button and begin the configuration process.

We will first see a language selector on the LCD screen of the Philips 5400 . With the “up and down” arrows we will move through it until we find Spanish (or, failing that, the language you prefer).

Once we are on the language, press the arrow that points to the right , it is below return. If we look at the lower right part of said key we will see how “ok” appears in small

Now we will move on to the water hardness selector. It is important to do this step correctly since the descaling time for which our Philips 5400 will automatically be adjusted will depend on it.

To do it correctly we must put the strip that comes inside the box of our coffee maker under the tap stream for a few seconds.

This strip has 4 small squares and will be “marked” between 1 or 4 depending on the hardness of the water. That amount is what we must enter in the menu of our Philips 5400 and click OK.

As I said, it is important that you do so so that the descaling is correct.

If you are going to frequently use bottled water instead of tap water, simply insert the strip into a small glass that has that water and that’s it.

As soon as we have this configured, the coffee maker will do an operating cycle and you will receive a message whether you want to install the water filter in its tank or not.

Here it depends on whether you want to do it now, later or not at all.

If you want to do it, you will press the arrow to the right and if not, the key above it (return).

Assembling it doesn’t have much difficulty. We simply have to remove the water tank from our Philips 5400 series, insert the filter at the bottom, so that it fits tightly.

We fill it again with water and place it back in the coffee maker.

As soon as we have it on, we will press the button that looks like a “play” (the big one to the right of everything) and it will cycle. Here it is important that you put a glass under the coffee spout or something like that, because otherwise you are going to make a mess.

Ready, the installation process of our 5400 series super-automatic coffee maker would be finished and we could now prepare the first coffee.

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