The milk frother of my Philips LatteGo drips from the bottom | LatteGo troubleshooting

Have you found that the LatteGo of your Philips series 5400 is leaking water from below? Do you have another problem with this system? In this post we will see the most frequent problems and their solutions.

LatteGo drips from the bottom

If the LatteGo system drips from the bottom we have two main causes, which are as follows.

The first is that it has not been assembled correctly . When you assemble the pieces you should hear a kind of “click” that will confirm that it is perfectly assembled.

As a solution, you have to dismantle it and put it back until you notice that it fits perfectly.

You will notice the second option especially if it is the first time you use it. The LatteGo container has a kind of seal or transport tape which you must remove.

If you assemble it with it on, it will not be properly closed and will leak.

Those are the two most common options and as you can see they have an easy solution.

Obviously you must check that you have not hit it, since if it has cracked and that is the reason why the LatteGo frother is dripping from below, you will have no choice but to replace it.

Why does the LatteGo have a little hole?

You are going to mount the LatteGo on your Philips 5400 series for the first time and you see that it has a little hole at the bottom, don’t be scared.

This is so that the milk flows into the air chamber, it is the design, it is not that it is defective or has been hit.

Why doesn’t LatteGo use up all the milk?

There are two possible options here.

The first is that the LatteGo tank is never completely emptied, it always remains “a little” down.

It could also be that you have modified the amount of milk for that drink, let me explain.

By predefined, each drink has an assigned amount of milk and will consume ONLY that amount per service (since we will refill milk for each use).

But if when customizing the drink you have modified the milk parameters you can no longer trust the indications on the tank, but rather you will have to add the amount of milk that you have modified.

In summary, these 3 points are the most commented on within the LatteGo system of the Philips 5400 series, as you can see it does not usually cause breakdowns and the few that do occur are very easy to solve.

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