My Philips 5400 series coffee machine makes a lot of noise | Reasons and solutions

From one day to the next, your Philips 5400 super-automatic coffee machine has started making a lot of noise for no apparent reason? Let’s look at the main causes and the solutions we have at our disposal.

My Philips 5400 coffee machine makes a lot of noise when grinding

During the grinding process it always makes noise, having to grind the beans and so on is not silent.

But if you notice that the noise is strange or is louder than before, there are several reasons.

The first reason, and one of the most common (I don’t want to say that the Philips 5400 breaks down easily, by any means, but over time this happens) is that the coffee conduit is blocked.

If this is the case, you’re in luck as you won’t need more than the handle of a spoon to clean it.

I won’t bother describing the process in words because it’s a mess and you wouldn’t know it, the best thing is that I show you an official Philips video of how it’s done:

The second reason is that you have set the grinder to grind at the finest possible level.

Yes, if it has that mode you should be able to use it, but it is not really recommended, it is always better to “click” the wheel to the other side, if you want the coffee to be finely ground, put it in the second to last place .

Philips 5400 coffee maker makes a lot of noise when rinsing or brewing coffee

When this happens there may be more reasons than in the previous case, where we mainly find two causes.

There may be beans or some coffee residue under the water tank, where the air extraction is.

If that is the case, you should remove the water tank and clean where it joins the machine, as sometimes unwanted debris can fall there and cause a rather ugly noise.

Another reason, if you do not frequently clean the coffee preparation system, is that it has become dirty or is not lubricated (yes, the coffee preparation system of the Philips 5400 series super-automatic coffee maker must be lubricated at least every 4 months ).

To check if it is dirty you must disassemble it and clean it. As before, I will attach an official Philips video so you don’t do things wrong.

Another possible cause is that the Philips 5400 series super-automatic coffee machine needs to be descaled.

When lime is sanded, it clogs the pipes, making it much more difficult for the machine to circulate water through them.

In addition to the Philips 5400 series making a lot of noise, you will encounter other symptoms such as the coffee coming out colder than usual, the water jet not being as “continuous” or even dripping.

Obviously if you see these symptoms you should decalcify the coffee maker even if it has not warned you (it may be that you have used water of a different hardness than the one programmed, etc.).

By descaling your Philips 5400 the annoying noise should stop being heard.

Finally, a reason that will not happen to all users but only to those who use the AquaClean/Brita filter.

Perhaps you have not placed it correctly or at some point when filling the tank you have moved it.

If said filter is not properly placed, it will “dance crazy” inside the tank.

It is very easy to know if that is the cause, simply when the Philips 5400 series coffee maker works we will observe it, if it moves more than normal you have already found the reason.

In any case, if you still have doubts, you can remove it and put it back correctly.

You can see that the reasons why your Philips 5400 series makes noise are different, but they all have an easy solution and from home.

Rarely will it be the case where it is something more serious and you must visit technical service.

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