How to prepare coffee and use the LatteGo in the Philips 5400 coffee maker

In this post we will see how to prepare our coffee in the Philips 5400 series super-automatic coffee maker. Also how milk drinks are prepared thanks to its LatteGo system.

Once we have set up our Philips 5400 series, it is time to prepare the first coffee.

This machine, having the LatteGo system, allows us to prepare drinks that contain milk automatically. Although the first steps are the same for all types, halfway there is variation between normal coffee and coffee with milk.

Let’s start by looking at how to prepare coffee.

How to make coffee on the Philips 5400 series

We already mentioned before that the first steps are common for any type of coffee.

The first thing we must do is check that there is water in the tank to prepare our coffee, if not, we fill it up to the MAX line and put it back into the Philips 5400.

Normally, coffee beans will be used in this type of coffee makers, which will be what I mention in this post, although you can also prepare coffees with ground coffee.

Therefore, we will also check that there are coffee beans in the corresponding tank; if not, we will also refill it.

Once these checks have been made (on a day-to-day basis it will not take us more than 10 seconds to do it, it is routine), we turn on the coffee maker so that the coffee group heats up.

The machine will do a small automatic rinsing cycle , once finished we put the corresponding glass or cup under the coffee outlet nozzle.

Within the “black coffee” drinks we have the option of preparing an Espresso, Lungo or Americano . If that is not enough, we can click on the “More drinks” button and a menu will open on the LCD screen where we can choose.

By selecting the type of coffee desired we can choose the intensity, etc.

You don’t need to change it, you can simply prepare the drink and that’s it. This menu opens so you can modify it if you wish.

To start preparing the drink is not difficult, we press the START-STOP button (the one on the right of everything, which looks like a PLAY) and that’s it.

If we want to stop the coffee preparation at any time, we press the button again and that’s it.

As you can see, preparing coffee in the Philips 5400 super-automatic coffee machine is extremely simple and intuitive.

That would be all if what we want is to prepare a “black” coffee. In the next point we will see how to prepare it if it has milk using the LatteGo system.

How to prepare coffee with milk thanks to LatteGo on Philips 5400 series

How to prepare coffee with milk thanks to LatteGo on Philips 5400 series
How to prepare coffee with milk thanks to LatteGo on Philips 5400 series

Preparing coffee with milk in the Philips 5400 series super-automatic coffee machine is also easy thanks to its LatteGo.

In this case, the first thing is to prepare said system.

To place the LatteGo, we will first insert the upper part into the frame and then place the lower part (tank).

Once they join you will hear a “click” which will confirm that you have assembled it correctly.

We would have already assembled the system, now with a slight inclination we will place it on the hot water nozzle of our Philips 5400.

In writing it may seem like a mess, but in images it would be something like this:

how to put lattego on philips 5400
how to put lattego on philips 5400

As soon as it is assembled, we do the steps that I mentioned that were common in all drinks (check that there is water, that there is coffee and turn on the coffee maker).

At the end of the initial rinse cycle carried out by the Philips 5400 series, we will place the corresponding cup or glass under the coffee spout.

Here we will select the milk-based drink that we are going to prepare, as hotkeys we have Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato and “café au lait”.

But just as it happened with “black coffee”, if we want something else we can press the “more drinks” key.

There is no more difficulty, once we have chosen the drink and adjusted its characteristics, we press the START button and that’s it, our coffee will automatically begin to prepare.

Say that in this type of drinks the milk will come out first and then the coffee.

I know that when read it may seem like a bummer, but it is very far from reality. As soon as you control the process of assembling and disassembling the LatteGo, you will do it all with your eyes closed and the entire process will not take you more than 1 or 2 minutes.

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