How to prepare capsule coffee with chocolate

Many people desire the benefits of coffee, be it for antioxidants or caffeine, yet find the taste of coffee itself unappealing. For such cases, a common and delightful solution is to “mask” the coffee flavor with the rich taste of chocolate.

This is much simpler than it sounds. We’ve already explored how to do it with espresso machines, but do we know how to achieve this with capsule machines?

In truth, we have two options to achieve a delectable chocolate-infused coffee with our capsule machine.

The first option is straightforward: purchase pre-made capsules with this blend. Simply insert the capsule into the machine, and voila, you’ll have a delightful chocolate-flavored coffee.

The capsules you can use for this purpose are as follows:

However, being honest, this isn’t the option I would choose. Yes, it’s undoubtedly more straightforward as you only need to pop in the capsule, but personally, I feel that the coffee doesn’t suit my taste.

From my experience with various capsules, I often find the coffee to be too diluted, the chocolate not to my liking, or even coffees that taste only of hazelnut. I would lean towards the second method, which, despite requiring a bit more effort (very little), ensures that the coffee meets our preferences, allowing us to personalize it as we please.

The first step is to select a good coffee.

Personally, I prefer the capsules I’ve listed below. They aren’t the cheapest or the most expensive, but it’s a coffee that I like to use for these purposes.

The equivalent is the Nespresso World Exploration, but it costs almost twice as much, so I opt for the L’Or capsules.

L'Or Espresso Café Ristretto Intensidad 11-100 cápsulas de aluminio compatibles con máquinas Nespresso (R)* (10 Paquetes de 10 cápsulas)
  • INTENSIDAD 11 - Café molido...
  • CÁPSULA ESPRESSO: La cápsula...
  • CAFÉ 100% CERTIFICADO: Las...

Now, we need to choose a chocolate we like.

I can’t provide much advice here as it’s a personal decision. Simply select a chocolate you regularly enjoy, and you’re set.

The last step is quite simple. Place a piece of chocolate at the bottom of the cup, and then prepare the coffee with capsules.

As the hot coffee is dispensed, the chocolate will melt. Once it’s done, you can use a spoon to ensure it’s completely homogeneous.

As you can see, it’s easy to make, and it results in a delicious flavor, much better than the pre-prepared chocolate-infused coffee capsules.

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