How to pour hot water or prepare infusions on Philips 5400 series

The Philips 5400 series super-automatic coffee maker can also be used to pour hot water or even prepare infusions, let’s see how to do it.

This post will be very short since the process is not difficult at all.

If you have the LatteGo system installed on your Philips 5400, you must remove it, otherwise you will not be able to add hot water.

Once the hot water nozzle is free, place a glass or mug under it.

Other Philips models have their own button to pour hot water, the 5400 series does not.

To do this we must click on “More drinks” and in said menu go down to another type of drink and find the option “hot water”

Within this category we can select both the temperature and the amount of water to pour (these options seem wonderful to me, since in most coffee makers you pour the splash forward and whatever comes out it comes out).

When we have all the parameters configured to our liking, press the START button and hot water will begin to pour through the nozzle.

If we want it to stop before the amount we have set, press START again and it will stop.

As you can see, it is very easy to use the hot water function on the Philips 5400 series.

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