How to Make Puchero Coffee: Simple Steps to Enjoy an Unmatched Coffee Experience

“Café de Puchero” is a tradition that brings unique aromas and flavors to your cup. Discover how to prepare this delightful beverage with simple steps and indulge in an unparalleled coffee experience.

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Let’s begin by looking at what you need.

Ingredients for Brewing Café de Puchero:

To brew Café de Puchero, you don’t need many things.

The main ingredients are essentially fresh water and ground coffee (preferably coarse grind).

Optionally, you can use both cinnamon and vanilla to infuse the Café de Puchero with additional aromatic notes.

Tools for Making Café de Puchero:

Having seen the ingredients for brewing Café de Puchero, let’s now consider the utensils you should have on hand.

They aren’t many; rather, just three essential items.

  1. Pot or Saucepan: Fundamental for preparing the beverage.
  2. Strainer or Cloth Filter: Necessary for straining the coffee once it’s ready.
  3. Heat-resistant Cup or Glass: To serve your aromatic coffee.

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Brewing Café de Puchero Step by Step:

Once you have the ingredients and utensils ready, let’s begin preparing your Café de Puchero.

  1. Heat the Water: Pour water into the pot and set it to heat. Use approximately one liter of water. While heating, add sugar (originally done this way, but if you prefer adding it to the cup at the end, it’s your decision). The idea is to add around 50 grams of sugar and stir to dissolve it completely. If you’ve decided to use cinnamon or vanilla, add them at this stage to release their aroma into the water.
  2. Boil the Water: Let the water boil. Since it’s around 1 liter for your Café de Puchero, it won’t take long to boil. When the water reaches the boiling point, turn off the heat and add the coarse ground coffee. Stir for a few seconds and cover again.
  3. Let it Brew and Strain: With the residual heat, the coffee will brew and extract all its essence. After about 3 minutes, your Café de Puchero will be ready. Now it’s time to strain it and serve it in the cup.

Brewing Café de Puchero is straightforward, requiring minimal equipment. It indeed involves more effort than, for example, making coffee in a capsule machine, where you just need to press a button and you’re done. However, it’s ideal if you don’t have a coffee maker because you can’t afford one or simply because you don’t have one in that location.

I hope this information on how to make Café de Puchero has been helpful.

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