How to correctly descale the Philips 5400 series LatteGo coffee machine

In this post we will focus on how to perform the task of descaling the Philips 5400 series LatteGo correctly so that it lasts much longer and maintains the quality of each coffee.

As most of you know, descaling a coffee maker is one of the most important tasks when it comes to maintenance.

If we do not do it when it is due, the only thing we are going to achieve is that the pipes will get clogged, the taste of the coffee will get worse, let’s see how the water no longer comes out in a jet but in droplets or mini jets that splash, the pump will stop. is forced…

Therefore, let’s get down to business and see how to do it.

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What do I need to descale the Philips 5400 series coffee maker?

The material to be used to descale coffee makers is usually always the same.

In the case of the Philips 5400 series super-automatic coffee maker we will need a large container to collect the liquid that is expelled, fresh water (tap works) and descaling product.

This coffee maker is worth a lot of money, so I wouldn’t go for private label or similar products (which I recommend for much cheaper coffee makers).

Here I would honestly use the official Philips one and the one they recommend, which is basically the following:

Philips Original CA6700/22 detartrant especial cafetera espresso 2 frascos
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  • Protege el sistema contra la...
  • Conserva los sabores del café...
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Once we have the 3 necessary materials we can begin the descaling process.

I already warned you that it is not a short process. This machine takes about 30 minutes to complete , so do it on a day when you will be home and not in a hurry.

To enter the descaling menu you must touch the “CLEAN” button and then “Descaling” and click OK.

The first thing to descale our Philips 5400 series is to set it up “on the outside” , below I will tell you the steps so you will understand it better.

With the coffee maker on we must remove both the drip tray and the coffee grounds container and clean it, then place it back.

We will do the same with the water tank, in this case the main thing is to remove the AquaClean or Brita filter if it is present. DO NOT DO THE DESCALING WITH THE FILTER IN PLACE.

More than anything because when mixing the product inside the tank, if we leave the filter at the end it will be damaged in addition to removing part of the product that should enter the coffee maker.

Once we have done the previous two steps, it is time to make our mixture.

We add the amount recommended by the bottle of the descaling product that we are going to use (each one has its characteristics, it makes no sense for me to tell you “you should add 100ml”, when your product says that 80ml is recommended).

After pouring the descaling product into the tank, we will fill it with tap water up to the MAX line and place it back in the coffee maker.

If you have the LatteGo inserted in the Philips 5400 series coffee machine, you must remove it . The water will also come out of the hot water nozzle, so we must remove the LatteGo to leave it free.

Time to place the container. It must be a fairly large container , which can hold at least the same amount of water as the coffee maker tank, since the cycle is continuous and if it is smaller it will pour the water out.

In the case of the Philips 5400 series, I recommend that the tank have at least 1.5 liters of capacity.

Time to press the START button (the one that looks like a play) as if we were going to prepare coffee.

This is the part that takes the longest and you can do other things while.

Once you press play, the entire descaling process and so on will begin, you don’t have to touch it, just wait for the water tank to empty.

As soon as all the water in the tank is finished, a message will appear on the screen, it is time to empty the container that has been filled and replace it.

We will also remove the water tank and fill it again with tap water.

When placing the tank, the process may continue automatically. If not, press the Start button again to do a complete rinse with the entire tank.

Ready, we now have our Philips 5400 coffee maker descaled.

When finished, we will receive a message to install the filter again, if you have it, click to accept, if not, simply press the return key and that’s it.

I leave you a “generic” Philips video of how to descale.

It is not from the Philips 5400 series but it can help you a little when you see it (since it is always more of a guide than just text)

Philips Serie 5400 Cafetera Superautomática - Sistema exclusivo de Leche LatteGo, 12 tipos de café personalizables, Pantalla TFT, 4 Perfiles de Usuario, Negro (EP5441/50)
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