How to clean the Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker correctly

Do you want to know what cleaning you should usually do to your Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker and what steps to follow? Don’t worry, in this post we explain it to you.

If you have reached the point of wanting to know how to clean the coffee maker, it means that you already know how to use it, so I will not be as “precise” in each section as I was when explaining how to set it up.

By this I mean that I will not explain which button is each one, how to place the water tank, etc.

Well, the first thing we need to know is that to clean the Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker there are two different steps. The first is internal cleanliness and the second is external cleansing.

How to clean the inside of the Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker

We should not confuse this cleaning with descaling. We must do this cleaning every few coffees to continue maintaining the flavor and quality of operation for longer.

We don’t need extra products or a lot of time.

To clean the circuits of the Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker, we simply have to place the capsule holder without any capsule inside, put a glass with a capacity of at least 250ml and have water in the tank.

Once we have accomplished all that, we simply turn on the coffee maker and when it is ready to operate, we press the LUNGO button.

This will cause the machine to rinse internally with hot water, removing any remains or dirt that may remain.

I insist, this does not replace descaling, but it will help us not lose quality in the coffees and it only takes a few seconds.

Clean the outside of the Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker

This process is also simple.

Both the capsule holders and the water tank can be put in the dishwasher, so there is no problem.

Personally it is something I don’t do, but there are people who prefer it because it is more comfortable.

My way of cleaning it is simply to put the capsule holders and water tank of the Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker in the sink and clean them well with a sponge.

Using a sponge (avoid the scouring pad to avoid causing scratches or unwanted damage) and a little soap, everything will be perfectly clean in a short time.

Above all, make sure to rinse the water tank very well so that there is no soapy taste (we really wash it as if it were a glass) and that’s it.

On the other hand, we will clean the outside of the coffee maker with a DAMP cloth (not wet and dripping, just damp) and that’s it.

You can see that cleaning the Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker is extremely simple. It is a process that we must do at least a couple of times a week and this way we will always have it in the best conditions.

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