How long do I have to grind in the Bosch TSM6A013B coffee grinder

Have you bought a Bosch TSM6A013B coffee grinder and don’t know how long you should grind the coffee for? Don’t worry, here we will give you the indications, according to the manufacturer, of the necessary time.

The Bosch TSM6A013B coffee grinder is an electric machine that does not have screens or anything like that, it is the closest thing to a “traditional” grinder.

Bosch has sought to give us a product that excellently fulfills its function (grinding coffee) but without adding extra things that could increase the price of the product.

In general it is great, but on the other hand it can make us doubt how long we should use it, don’t worry, I will explain it to you here.

Grinding time with the Bosch TSM6A013B coffee grinder

If we are looking for a “medium” to fine grind, which is the most used, we should follow the following reference table:

10 grams: Maximum 20 seconds

40 grams: Maximum 25 seconds

75 grams; Maximum 30 seconds

These times and quantities vary a little if we go for espresso coffee.

This type of coffee requires both a different quantity and a different grind, the table that Bosch recommends is the following:

16 grams: Maximum 20 seconds

32 grams: Maximum 25 seconds

64 grams: Maximum 30 seconds

As you can see, it is very easy and requires little time to grind in the Bosch TSM6A013B coffee grinder.

Obviously they are estimates that the manufacturer gives us so that we have an initial idea, little by little with the use of it we will adjust as much as possible so that it adapts.

You’ll see how with the passage of time you don’t even need to see how many seconds have passed!

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