First use of Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker how to do it

Have you purchased a Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker and want to know how to use it for the first time and get it ready? Don’t worry, in this post we will give you the necessary instructions so that you can make the most of it.

As a first clarification, we have a section on this website where we bring together all the content of this coffee maker, I invite you to see it: Everything about the Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker

Okay, now let’s get down to business. Let’s see how to give the coffee maker that first use!!!

Setting up the Kotlie multi-capsule coffee machine

The first thing we should do once we have unpacked the coffee maker in front of us is to rinse the water tank once or twice.

To do this, we simply put it under the tap and rinse it. This will serve to eliminate “new” flavors or any residue that may come from the factory.

Once we have the tank rinsed, we will fill it up to the MAX mark and place it in the coffee maker.

The tank of the Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker can be filled by removing it (as we will do for the first use) or simply removing the lid (on future occasions choose the method that is most comfortable for you).

Now we plug in the coffee maker and press the power button . The lights will flash for about 45 seconds, which is the time this machine needs to warm up and be ready to prepare coffee.

We make sure that the lever is down and there is no capsule inside (this will be a cleaning).

We also place a glass or similar under the coffee maker . It is recommended that it have a minimum capacity of 250ml.

Once we have followed and completed the previous steps, we press the LUNGO button (large cup) and the Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker will begin to carry out a process as if it were preparing coffee, but since it does not have a capsule inside it will be a rinse with hot water.

As soon as the process is finished, we remove the glass, empty it and replace it.

We repeat the previous point, press the LUNGO button and wait.

These two initial rinses will help us clean the pipes (in case they have any manufacturing remains) and to remove the “new” taste that the machine may have.

Although the new smell is pleasant and almost all of us like it, the taste is quite the opposite.

Preparing a coffee with this flavor will only make us think that we have made a mistake in purchasing the coffee maker. This cleaning will help remove that bad experience.

Ready, as you can see it is very easy to “set up” our Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker.

The next step will be to make coffee. In order not to make two separate posts since “one thing has to do with the other” I will put it as the next point.

How to make coffee in the Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker?

As in the previous section, to make coffee in the Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker, the first thing we must do is make sure that the water tank has enough water; if not, we must fill it first.

We turn on the coffee maker so that it heats up and we take advantage of those 45 seconds to prepare our capsule.

Being a multi-capsule coffee maker, unlike the “traditional” ones, this one does not have one but three capsule holders, so we must choose the one we are going to use.

All capsule holders work the same, let me explain.

Their function is to adapt to the shape, so we simply have to insert the capsule inside and put it in the Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker.

This also occurs for ESE single-dose units and for ground coffee. The difference here is that if we use ground coffee we must make sure that the “capsule holder” that fulfills that function is full and we have pressed it a little.

As soon as we have the corresponding capsule holder inside the coffee maker, we will lower the lever and place a glass/cup inside.

During this time, the lights on the coffee maker should have stopped flashing, indicating that it is hot, so we will simply have to press the “espresso” or “lungo” button depending on the size of coffee we want to prepare and that’s it.

Both the first use and preparing coffee in the Kotlie multi-capsule coffee maker is a very simple task!!

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