An error code appears on the screen of my Philips 5400 series SOLUTION

Have you gone to make a coffee in the Philips 5400 series super-automatic coffee machine and found an error message on the screen? Don’t worry, here we leave you the different messages that may appear and what is the solution to each one.

Service key error code 1

If the message “Service key error code 1” appears on your Philips 5400 series, it means that the ground coffee is blocking the duct of your machine.

You can solve it yourself by cleaning. I am attaching an official Philips video so you can see how it is done and follow its instructions step by step.

As you can see, solving the service key 1 screen message is not very difficult.

In summary, we could say that you should turn off the coffee maker, remove the coffee preparation system and use the handle of a spoon or fork to clean it to remove all the remains.

Then you put everything back together, change the grind to “coarse” and that’s it, the problem is solved.

Service key error code 3/4

In this case, there may be several reasons why this message appears on the screen of our Philips 5400 series super-automatic coffee machine.

Among these reasons we find that the coffee preparation group is clogged, is not correctly placed (this can happen if you have just cleaned it and did not pay close attention when putting it in) or that it has not been lubricated correctly (remember that you must do it every 4 months minimum).

The solution is to remove the coffee group from your Philips 5400 series, wash it under the tap very well so that it is completely clean, lubricate it and place it back in the machine making sure it fits correctly.

Below, as in the previous point, I leave you a Philips video on how to solve the service key error code 3/4 problem.

Service key error code 5 in Philips super-automatic coffee machine

This error seems that they were too lazy to put more numbers and 5 is the “good for everything.”

Although in previous errors we were clear about where we should attack to solve the problem, here we have a lot of different options.

There is air in the circuit or the grains were left under the water tank

You must remove the water tank and make sure that there is no impurity or object obstructing the connection between the tank and the coffee maker.

Once you have checked that and everything is correct, prepare 2-3 cups of hot water to purge and see if the problem has been solved.

Filter clogged or incorrectly placed

“Service key error 5” can also occur if you have an AquaClean or Brita filter installed.

In this case it would mean that the filter is bad or could even be clogged.

To check if this is due to this, you have to remove the water tank from your Philips 5400 series and remove the filter.

Later you will place the tank in the coffee maker without said filter and try to prepare a cup of coffee.

If the problem disappears, you already know that it is due to the filter and you should check it to see if it is damaged.

The brewing system is clogged

Yes, we have already seen this in the service key error 3/4, but it could be that 5 is also due to that (I already told you that the Philips people here put “everything” in like, come on, get a life and find you the problem).

The solution is the same as what we discussed at that point. Remove the brewing system from the Philips 5400, wash it under the tap, lubricate and replace it in the machine.

Lime is clogging the circuits

It may be necessary to descale, even if the warning does not appear as such.

To know if this is the cause, you must turn off the Philips 5400 coffee maker for a few hours. If when you turn it on again the message has disappeared, it means that the problem comes from that.

Simply descale the machine and you’re done.

Service key error code 14

This message appears when your Philips 5400 super-automatic coffee machine has overheated.

The solution in this case is simple, turn off the machine for 30-40 minutes and that’s it.

It happens when you prepare many coffees in a row or especially when you abuse the function to only pour hot water.

Service key error code 14

This code is really strange, it is as if the machine has not adapted to the outside temperature of the place (it happens when it is transported).

Simply leave the machine off for half an hour and when you turn it on again it will be ready to work.

As you can see, the error codes that appear on the screen of your Philips 5400 series super-automatic coffee maker are very varied but they all have a solution at home!

I hope this post has been helpful to you.

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